Join our Project KE Affiliate Program

Commission Structure

Base Commission: All approved affiliates start with a 3% commission rate on sales.
Tiered Upgrades:
Bronze Level: Earn a 4% commission when your referred sales exceed $2,000.
Silver Level: Achieve a 5% commission once your referred sales exceed $5,000.
Gold Level: Attain a 6% commission after your referred sales exceed $10,000.

Special Considerations

Influencers: Those with more than 30,000 followers on any social media platform will automatically qualify for the Silver Level upon approval.
– Lifetime Commissions: Once you reach a new commission tier, it’s yours for life. No downgrades – only potential for further upgrades as we introduce more levels in the future.

Why Join Us?

– Lifetime Earnings: Enjoy commissions for as long as your referrals continue to shop with us.
– No Downgrades: Your tier level will only go up, securing you higher commissions over time.
– Future Opportunities: Stay tuned for additional tiers and opportunities to increase your earnings.

Making an Impact

Affiliates who significantly contribute to the growth of Project KE, both through their referral sales and brand advocacy, will be recognized at the Gold Level. This tier is our way of thanking our most dedicated and influential partners.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re as passionate about anime and collectibles as we are, we’d love for you to join us. Register for the Project KE Affiliate Program today and start earning!

Join the adventure, spread the love for anime, and get rewarded with Project KE.

Project KE Affiliate Program Dashboard Guide:

*To ensure the integrity of our Affiliate Program, referrals must bring in new and unique traffic without redirecting or repurposing existing traffic. We do not permit participation for websites promoting unauthorized or fake deals, including unapproved coupons or expired offers. Additionally, referrals generated through paid advertisements using our domain name are ineligible. Suspected accounts will be required to provide evidence of their referral sources. Inability or refusal to furnish this information upon request will lead to a withholding of payment.